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Helping you make the right decision.



What consultation is.....
Consultation is, in simple terms, a 3 step process. First, evaluating current state, next determining what you want the future state to look like, and finally making a plan. Consultation can be very thorough and complex, depending on what level of evaluation and analysis is needed. Everything from local economies, the latest socio-economic trends, and global politics can be factors in determining what to do.  If you are wondering, does consultation cover the field I need help in? Yes! Consolation can cover business, finance, policy and procedure, and much much more. 

 What consultation is not.....
Just as important as what consultation is, the consultation I offer is not investment, tax, or legal advice. While there are similarities and overlaps, those respective professions have their respective professionals. My research may conclude something like having liquid, inflationary resistant assets would be advantageous due to the current state of the economy. But, I will not tell you to buy a specific stock or security, will not review your 401k portfolio, or will not tell you if you will owe taxes if you sell your bitcoin. 

Business Planning 

With my Business Planning consulting service, you can trust that your business is in good hands. Whether you're starting from scratch or making changes to an existing business, I'll work with you to create a custom plan that aligns with your goals and vision. From an idea and a blank piece of paper  to a full scripted plan of attack that just needs another set of eyes, or anything in between,  I can help! 


At The Economic Detail consultive analytics is a very broad service where the only real constraints come from you, the client. Financial analysis, KPI development and evaluation, general business analytics, trending and forecasting, and risk analysis/mitigation are a  few possibilities to get the list started. With both formal education and professional training I have the tools (listed below) and knowledge to help in almost any scenario. 

     - Excel

     - Excel embedded python scripting

     - R statistical software analysis coding 

     - SQL

     - ThinkScript

          > For those unfamiliar with ThinkScript, it is the proprietary scripting language used by the ThinkOrSwim stock trading platform (who also partner with Charles Schwabb) to create automated trading algorithms. 


Cutting Out Concern

A barber who has been proving himself in the industry was curious about taking that next step and opening his own shop. He had much of the business plan established with many of the biggest hurdles addressed. He simply wanted one more set of eyes to review the plan and challenge him with any objections or risks that he may be over looking. I was able to present him with some scenarios, talk through the potentail outcomes that may accompany them, and help him develop appropriate risk mitigation.

New Hire

A local business was struggling to decide whether they should hire additional staff, and if they should what caliber of candidate should they aim for. Recent political action had just pushed large quantities of grants and funding into their market. But, the cyclical nature of the work meant they would have to sit on their decision for months to realize any potential return. Through historical data analysis and market research I was able to provide confidence and comfort in their decision to hire that ultimately turned out to more important than they could've imagined. 

Science Behind Sports

A client was looking for a technical way to find advantages in determining the outcomes of baseball games. Utilizing historical data paired with real time live updates, I was able to provide insights on the outcomes of games with accuracies as high as 80% in specific cases. This project is excitedly ongoing with the recent incorporation of python into Excel. 

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