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The Details Behind The Detail

The Economic Detail started simply as a general interest in economics before even understanding what economics was. A mindset to work drove me to start working at the very young age of 12 years old. Armed with a shovel and an insane amount of untethered determination, I simply haven't stopped since. Along the way I have had a unique and valuable variety of jobs like working cash jobs under the table, work with my father who has owned used car lots for nearly 30 years, retail, demolition, along with a quite a bit more in between. My interest in economics ultimately led me to earning a graduate degree in Social and Applied Economics which I use to provide corporate and project financial analysis for an engineering firm as my full time job. The Economic Detail is my passion on the side. Something that simply truly enjoy doing. 


The Economic Detail is a consultant with a difference. Providing individuals and businesses with the resources and knowledge to overcome obstacles, smash goals, and create long term success. A promotor of true free market capitalist and libertarian political views, my goal is to crate self sustaining success. If you're looking for guidance on how to navigate the market in our modern economic landscape, are in need of analytic support,  or need a fresh perspective on newly instituted policy, look no further.

Areas of interest include:

     - Economics; policy, inflation, trends, impacts, reporting, history, and more!

     - Business; planning, analytics, valuation, and finance.

     - Analytics; risk, trending and forecasting, business, and financial. 

By The Numbers

15 Years

Uninterrupted full time work, including while attending college and earning an undergraduate and dual graduate degree. 


College Degrees

Including a dual graduate degree in Social and Applied Economics


Years of professional experince in my field of work. 


Years of of personal and professional study of Economics, Business, and Finance. 

Additional Resources

The list below provides a comprehensive and live list of as many resources I can provide that I have utilized over the years. From university books that I never wholly agreed  with but were part of the curriculum to general interests and good reads. As suggested, some of these resources I do not necessarily agree with for one reason or another. But, the education they provide is vital to comprehensive education,  understanding, and knowledge growth. Many of these resources have complimentary podcasts I encourage you to check out as well like The Peter Schiff Podcast and Planet Money!

Economics, Finance, and Money

  • Adam Smith 

    • The Wealth of Nations​

  • Thomas Sowell​

    • Basic Economics ​

    • The Quest for Cosmic Justice 

  • Peter Schiff ​

    • The Real Crash ​

    • How and Economy Grows and Why it Crashes 

  • George Kaufman ​

    • Money and The Financial System ​

  • Michael Maloney​

    • Gold and Silver​

  • David Graeber ​

    • Debt, the First 5000 Years​

  • Karl Marx​

    • The Communist Manifesto​

  • Donald Marron​

    • 30-Second Economics​

  • Geoffrey Hodgson​

    • Conceptualizing Capitalism ​

  • Brian Snowden and Howard Vane ​

    • Modern Macroeconomics ​​​

  • Glenn Vaggi and Petr Groenewegen​

    • A Concise History of Economic Thought ​

  • Harry Dent Sr. ​

    • The Sale of a Lifetime ​

    • The Great Boom Ahead

  • G.M. Peter Swann​​​​

    • The Economics of Innovation ​

  • Deborah Figart and Tonia Warnecks ​​

    • Handbook of Research on Gender and Economic Life​

  • Christine Grenhalgh and Mark Rodgers​​

    • Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Economic Growth ​

  • Jennette Wicks-Lane and Robert Pollin​​

    • Capitalism on Trial ​

  • Thomas Pugel​

    • International Economics ​

  • Jeffrey Wooldridge​

    • Introductory Econometrics ​

  • Barry Keating and J. Hilton Wilson​

    • Forecasting and Predictive Analytics ​

  • David Orrell​

    • Quantum Economics​

    • Quantum Economics: An Applied Mathematics Introduction

Other General Resources

  • Jordan Peterson 

    • 12 Rules of Life​

  • Jocko Willinnk ​

    • Discipline Equals Freedom​

    • Extreme Ownership 

  • Candace Millard ​

    • The River of Doubt​

  • S.C. Gwynne

    • Empire of the Summer Moon​

  • Christopher Voss​

    • Never Split the Differnece​

  • Ben Shapiro 

    • The Right Side of History​

  • Christopher Moran ​

    • Company Confessions ​

  • Machiavelli ​

    • The Prince ​

  • Phillip Matyszak ​

    • The Greek and Roman Myths ​

  • Stephen R. Brown ​

    • A Most Damnable Invention ​

  • Chris Kyle​

    • American Sniper​

  • Pete Hegeseth ​

    • Battle for the American Mind w/ David Goodwin​

  • Tim Kennedy​

    • Scars and Stripes ​

  • David Goggins ​

    • Cant Hurt Me​

  • Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay

    • The Federalist Papers​


  • Peter Schiff

  • Jordan Peterson 

  • Thomas Sowell 

  • Milton Friedman 

  • Jocko Willink 

  • David Goggins 

  • Tim Kennedy

  • John Lovell 

  • Joe Roagn 

  • Ben Shapiro 

  • Cameron Hanes 

I do not personally know nor have any personal affiliation with any individuals on this list. They do not know me, have no association with me, and there should be no association drawn between them, themselves, and myself. I am listing them as beneficial resources as I personally believe the content they create is an overall net benefit, inspirational, and/or educational.

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